Custom Mandrel Dies

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Project Tool & Die can design a custom mandrel die to meet your piercing needs. Mandrel dies ensure minimal bur, deformation, and boost productivity to help keep you competitive. All cutting edges are manufactured from M2 high speed tool steel. Contact us for a free quote today!


No. 1000 Series Weep Notch Die

Integrate a Drain Slot Into any Standard Notch Die

This is the perfect option for applications requiring a vent for gases during processes such as galvanizing, or simply needing a drain hole.


No. 1000-1 Custom Slot Die

Our unique design provides maximum strength and durability while notching thin profiles. This tool is a must have for people in the exhaust industry.


Custom 4-Post Pierce and Trim Die

Combine operations to progressively and efficiently manufacture your products.


Custom Piercing Die

Piercing Applications Include - Pipe, Tube, Channel, Flat Stock, Sheet Metal, ect...


Radius Trim Die

No More Inaccurate Belt Grinding - Consistently Trim Corners


Custom Radius Die for Flat Bar

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No. 1000 Single Notch With Locator

Ensure Perfect Line-Up With A Built-In Spring Loaded Locator

Locator depresses flush with face of Punch Holder during first hit. After slot is made in first side, rotate 180 Degrees and slide slot over locator and cycle again.


Angle Iron Notch Die

Notches Angle Iron To Mount On Flat Plate At 45 Degrees