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Manufacturer of Tube & Pipe Notching, Cutting, Piercing & Mitering Equipment for Professionals

Single Tube And Pipe Notcher​ Units #1000

The #1000 pipe notching unit copes up to 2” schedule 80 pipe or up to 2 ½” tubing at 90 degrees in two press cycles.

Single Tube And Pipe Notcher #1000-1

For larger applications, the 1000-1 is a great choice. It is capable of handling outside diameters up to 3 ½”.

Double Notch Units #2000

Are you “pressed” for time? Consider upgrading to the #2000 Double Notch unit.

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Angle Notch Units #1500

The #1500 Angle Notcher miters your pipe or tube at a specified angle in two press cycles.

Angle Notch Units #1550

If open height and stroke are concerns for you, the #1550 Angle Notcher is a great alternative to the #1500.

Square To Round Tube Notcher #1200

Notch Any Square Tube To Fit Any Outside Diameter. Our #1200 Series Tube Notchers fit into any of our #1000 Series Housings.

V-Notch Units #1800

The #1800 V-Notch removes a 90 degree portion of the tube while scoring the remaining wall enabling you to easily bend and weld your square tubing at a right angle.

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Project Tool & Die, Inc. are manufacturers of Tooling for Pipe, Tubing and Extrusions. Using Air Hardening Tool Steel, Specialty Steels for Exotic Metals, End Notching, Piercing, Trimming, Cut-off, Flattening & Mandrel Dies. Single Notch, Double Notch, Angle Notch and Picket Fence Dies. Specializing in the design and building of custom dies. Typical end users are Furniture, Automotive, Motorcycle, Scaffolding, Livestock, Fencing, Wrought Iron, Exercise, Medical Industries and Aircraft.